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Who we are

Data Architects provides IT consultancy, support and systems development services, specialising in bespoke database design and web application development. We set the company up eight years ago, but three of our staff have been working together developing web applications and more for 20 years. We have all worked for other organisations during that time. As a result we have long and wide ranging experience which ensures that:

  • We can quickly and accurately understand your requirements, so that the system you get meets your needs
  • We can correctly judge the amount of development effort necessary to implement your  requirements, so we deliver on time and to specification
  • Our experience and skills mean we work fast and efficiently, meaning fewer development days  for the same functionality, which saves you money

Data Architects has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 27001:2018. You can verify the validity of our ISO certificate by entering our certificate number 209873 via this link: