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For over ten years we ran an end-to-end work management system for a national programme of paper based school assessments. Though it has now successfully served its purpose, the system is a good example of how a bespoke system can go well beyond a traditional CRM system, with every step of the work process managed efficiently, delivering full visibility of the status of every “box”.

Schools across the UK and abroad could request materials online and organise their return once completed. The “Boxtracker” system was fully integrated with the courier’s system so all tracking information was visible. Once the completed materials were returned they would be issued to a suitably trained and available member of staff for data entry. Boxes would be sent for QA on a random basis. The system handled everything including the financial aspects of generating payslips for staff on a piecework basis and invoicing the client for the work done.

The Boxtracker system managed 17,000 boxes of materials in a single year at the peak of demand – a clear demonstration of Data Architects’ capacity to build systems that can track large volumes of data.