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Where possible we take an Agile approach to software development. This is a recognised project management method. It is an iterative, incremental method of managing the design and implementation of a new system.

Our approach ensures that the customer is central at all times, with frequent delivery of software for testing and feedback. It also welcomes changing requirements.

  • Development work is organised into intensive packages of work called Sprints.
  • We will deliver functionality to you as we implement it, splitting the development into  Sprints of two weeks and releasing the software at the end of each Sprint. This will allow you to test and give feedback on the system
  • Your feedback, combined with your optional items and any further requirements identified will form a list of Features, known as a Backlog.
  • When planning the work we agree with you a priority for each Feature, putting the Backlog into an initial order. We will give each item of the Backlog an estimate of Effort in days of development.
  • We make changes if necessary based on your feedback and await sign off of the Sprint before billing for the completion of the work and starting the next Sprint.
  • We’ll also discuss the remaining Backlog with you again, where you are free to re-prioritise the Features, add new Features that have come to light, or even remove Features that you no longer think will be necessary to meet requirements.

The advantage of our approach is that it allows you to add, amend, re-prioritise and remove requirements during development, rather than having to finalise an exact specification in advance. It speeds up the whole process as we can start development more quickly and allows us to respond to feedback ensuring you get a system that works for your users.